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  Theatre A @ Studio A (photos below)

Theatre A consists of two dance studios converted into a performance and art space. Rent: $390 for an evening: in at 4 PM, out by 11 PM (Includes set up and strike down time) We keep the price low, because the renters provide set up and strike down. (see below). Theatre is generally only available Saturday evenings Please ask about other arrangements should you want to get into the space earlier.

What we provide:

  1. A stage approximately 25 feet wide and 20 feet deep with hardwood flooring. Floor to ceiling black duvetyne drapes with 4 wings.
  2. Seating on risers for 55 people- possibly more if configured differently, but we feel that all audience members get good sight lines in our 55 seat configuration.
  3. One large shared dressing room with full length mirrors (16 X 20).
  4. A lounge/reception/refreshment area (20 X 20) that can double as an art gallery.
  5. A tropical garden breezeway along the side of the entire complex (Approx. 10 X 60) with a wood deck and twinkle lights in trees & shrubs.
  6. Theatre lighting system includes a programmable Leprechaun light box with various capabilities like timed dimming and strobe. We have 6 separate lighting schemes on the box (grid lights, center spot, stage right and stage left high intensity fresnels and downstage and upstage ambient lights.
  7. A sound system to play CDs or I-pod/computer jack.
  8. Clean bathrooms.
  9. Heat, but no air conditioning (fans only)

What you provide:

  1. A crew to set up strike the theatre (lower drapes, set up risers and chairs. A crew of three can set up the entire theatre in about 45 minutes. We will be there to guide you with the set-up & strike process.
  2. A lighting and sound person (if needed).
  3. Ticket seller, house manager, etc.
  4. You must bag and remove all trash from the premises before you leave.

Basically, leave the space as you found it.

Payment: please pay half ($200) to reserve the space and the other half on or before the night of performance. make check out to Hyperion Arts Complex

Cancellation Policy: A full refund of the deposit is given if cancellation is presented a minimum of one month before reserved performance date. Any later, no deposit will be returned unless we are able to rent your reserved date to someone else. In that case, we will return the entire deposit.


Evening Garden Deck






Seating capacity 55  
2 of the 4 wings
Stage approx 20 X 25 feet


audience perspective

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