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Studio A's Networking Page (what you may hear on the floor at Studio A during sit-ups. See, it's not ALL gossip)

AKA The Best of Silver Lake, Echo Park and vicinities

  Since there is so much casual networking and local recommendations going on before, after and sometimes during (ugh!) class, we have decided to set up this page where one can electronically be privy to studio A's on-the-floor exchanges.

Massage (and body healer) Alexandre Blum: Therapeutic sports massage for dancers of all ages. Specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation using a variety of techniques from PNF to Thai stretching. Alexandre doesn't practice the hourly rates of most masseuses.
EVERY base massage is at least 2 hrs., if not easily 3 hrs. Mari says: He doesn't time the treatment, he treats the body until it heals.
He unblocks energy, takes away soreness, stops spasms, tendonitis , all manner of injuries, and all without hurting
Base rate: $70, on call, wherever you are in the LA/OC area.
(562) 760-0288 $70 base rate *Rates based on severity of injury.

Vocal Coach: Whether a professional singer, novice, or anywhere inbetween, students of Sarah Reynolds reach vocal strides when working with her. See for yourself!

Precision Paint mixer: Get "slow" Joe to mix your paint at Baller Hardware at 2505 Hyperion Avenue (at Tracy). He may be in perpetual molasses-movement mode, but he gets the color you desire spot on. Worth the wait. While he is mixing, you might want to ask him about the celebrity whom he once dated.

Tree Guy Extraordinary: Jose Lima – 323.377.3598. Aside from tree removal, Jose can turn a sloppy yard into a manicured paradise. Ask for monthly discounts on weekly visits.

Handy Men: Yes, you read it right, handymen. Jack at Ambience Interiors who has collected a cadre of superb handymen to work on his projects is willing to share his culled craftsmen with others. Jack figures that if they are employed all the time, they won't stray. Be it electircal, plumbing, woodwork or whatever, these guys get it done right the first time. Call Jack and he will happily hook you up. Ambience Interiors: 323 661-8400

Zen House Painter: Expect no tension when Bryan Larose paints your house. Bryan's calm demeanor and patience helps keep you drama-free during your home's makeover. Along with painting, Bryan provides decorative finishing (faux) as well as staining, and minor drywall and stucco repairs. For the green-minded folks, he can provide eco friendly paints with zero ocv in them which means they are "green certified" thru Jill's paints in Atwater. Bryan considers himself a perfectionist with excellent references (many Studio A folks) and is reasonably priced. Contact Bryan at: 323-351-4797, email: ZenPainter

Mend Family Accupuncture: Stacy Lauren-Kon who owns Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare -- located in Los Feliz Village
-- is an Acupuncturist and Primary Care Provider who studied ballet for 15 years with the Joffrey Ballet and knows what a powerful tool Eastern Medicine can be for dancers. Mend accepts most health insurance plans. contact Stacy at 323-459-2000, or check out her website:

Detailed Painter Mark Radcliff comes highly recommended by Ethel. She lives in a house somewhat older than she is. No, I'm not telling. Let's just say mid-century modern came later. Anyway, Ethel had windows that she was unable to open for decades, and she is strong (you should see her execute push-ups at the barre). Now the windows glide freely with one finger because Mark did all the necessary scraping before painting. Prep is all, right Mark? Contact Mark at 818 219 4805

Electrical Jimmy Ko is the man to get any electrical job done. At Studio A Dance he has installed security cameras, ceiling fans, lighting and other electrical items. He is fast, efficient and local. Contact Jimmy at 818 613 7147, or email at

Intense Tiling: Gabriel Danko will tile your bathroom or kitchen from floor to ceiling in grid-form with expert precision and any custom design that strikes your fancy. The bonus is that he doubles as a plumber and will install, sinks, tubs and all fixtures that water passes through. 818 438 9853

Wood Guru: If you need a custom made gate, bookshelves, or ??? Gary Silk, Tai Chi instructor at Studio A moonlights as a master of the wood where all his work on on the "level." Call Gary and he can tell you where to drive by to get unhinged by viewing one of his masterful front gate creations. 323 664 9639

Wedding Planner Extroidinaire: Gina Black of Wedding Day Events has been affliated with Studio A Dance for more than a decade now, and we can confirm that she takes her dancing seriously, as well as her occupation as a wedding planner with attention to detail, and we mean every detail! Proof is at Gina's website: Wedding Day Events

Life Streamlining: Why not? Bonnie Freeman, organizer extraordinaire helps you pull it together, and in just the perfect order. Studio A's Jazz dancer Patty P says "Bonnie is easy to work with, hard-working and really helpful. She not only helps you organize and set up systems, but she has taken film in for me to be processed, faxed things, done some paperwork and scheduling - it's like having your own assistant. She is nonjudgemental and generally a treasure. All for $20 an hour!" Now that sounds like a life-changing experience. So Patty, are you a changed woman? PS: Prepare yourself as Bonnis has a LOT of energy. Bonnie Freeman 323 719 8797, or

iRepair: Well, I really don't repair, but Joe Kempe does. Be it your iPod, iPhone or iPad, most repairs can be done on the spot. Mine was (this is Bill), and I can say that I am 100% satisfied. Quick, economical, and Mr. Kempe, the "iPod Surgeon" is a true mensch. The only issue may be the schlep to Joe's fix-it shop Beverlywood/Culver City area, but so worth it because he gets the job done right. Or, you could mail in your repair. Contact Joe at 310 785 0566, or email at



Dance photography & video: To capture your most amazing dance moments, Paul Antico is your man! In fact he is the official videographer of our DanceSpot series. Check out his website to see his work: or contace Paul directly at 310 966 0096








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