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Hyperion Arts Fees and Regulations

DANCE STUDIO RENTAL: Studio A Dance is comprised of two separate studios.


(photos at bottom of this page)

1. The front space (grey studio) approximately 850 square feet (40'x24'). White Marley covers a sprung maple wood floor. Ceiling height: 11 feet. (2 support beams across ceiling at 10 feet). attached barres, skylights, breezway garden view.

2. The back studio (red studio) is approximately 1350 square feet (40'x33'). Sprung red oak flooring. Ceiling height: 1/3 of the room at 11 feet and the back 2/3rds at 12 feet, note: I-beam at ceiling step-up is 10 ft. attached barres, skylights, breezway garden view.

NOTE: There is no air conditioning in either studio.

RATES(classes, rehearsal, video and photo shoots, auditions, and 65-SEAT HOUSE THEATRE RENTAL)

Large studio for CLASSES: $45 hr (non-peak hrs are $5 less)

Small studio for CLASSES: $38 hr (non-peak hrs are $5 less)

PEAK HOURS : 9AM-Noon, 5PM-9:30PM/

Weekends: peak all day except before 9 AM

Large Studio for REHEARSAL: one hour: $35

2 consecutive hours or more is $28 per hour (One and a half hour rental is $50)

Small Studio for REHEARSAL: one hour for $28

2 consecutive or more hours $24 per hour (one and a half hour rental is $40)

Studio A Dance THEATRE RENTAL for performance: $300 for the evening . Includes theatrical lighting, stereo equipment, audience seating for 60 people, reception area and a sizeable dressing room. You provide set-up, strike and tech crew. Click link for more theatre info

Note: we do not rent out for parties




Payment due minimum 2 days prior in order to reserve space.NO CREDIT CARDS, CHECKS Ok, cash and PayPal accepted

  • In order to secure the space, payment in full must be received by Studio A dance one week prior to requested time(s).
  • --Cancellations (2 hours or less rental span) must be voiced at least 48 hours prior to reserved rental time in order to receive a full refund.
  • Last minute cancellations (less than 48 hours notice) or no shows must forfeit a re-booking fee of $40.
  • --Cancellations for a block of time of more than 2 hours: must give 2 weeks or more notice for a full refund. Less than 2 weeks notice: must forfeit a booking fee of $75.
  • --Renters may need to supply their own music equipment (please inquire)
  • For groups larger than 10, renter is responsible for removing trash brought in
  • No Flamenco or hard heeled shoes allowed
  • no rosin
  • FYI: Studio A Dance is not air conditioned (open-air only -- plenty of windows and fans). We do have heating for the cold weather.
  • Note: No credit cards please. Checks accepted. Please make checks out to "Hyperion Arts Complex" or to payments accepted to PayPal:



Current Available times ----------subject to change---------------

  • MONDAY: 11:30AM-4 PM, and after 9:30 PM
  • TUESDAY: 10:30 AM-4PM, 6-7PM, and at 8:30PM and after
  • WEDNESDAY: 8AM to 4 PM and after 7PM
  • THURSDAY 11:30AM-4PM, after 8PM
  • Friday: 11:30AM -3PM and 6-10 PM
  • Saturdays: 8-10AM, -and after 1 PM
  • Sundays 11:30AM-1PM, 4-5 PM, 6-7 PM (note:space fills quickly on Sundays)
  • All rental times subject to change feel free to ask. text: 818 383 2650
  • Rehearsal Space:
  • rehearsal restrictions: No hard-pounding shoes (flamenco, boots, etc), no more than 25 people, no live drums or excessively loud music. no rosin
  • Inquire for prices on extended hours (more than 15 hours per week)
  • For quick response, rentals may be requested by text: 818 383 2650

Studio & Commercial video Shoots:

  • 1/2 Day (4hrs) $700 (minimum)
  • Full Day (8 hrs) $1400 (minimum) Price may be more depending on how many classes we need to cancel on any specifc day. Strict cancellation policy stipulated in contract.

Still Photo Shoots or Low budget video shoots (handheld or tripod equipment only, crew of 4 or less)

$65 per hour Access to our lights and curtains included, but time for dropping curtains and returning must be included in the time rented.

Casting or Auditions: $65 Per hour

Note: No credit cards please. Checks accepted. Please make checks out to "Hyperion Arts Complex"

or to payments accepted to paypal:


larger studio 40X33 (above) -- red oak floor (with attached barres--and portable barres provided)


smaller studio (below) 40 X 22 -- Marley floor (with attached barres--and portable barres provided)

Fresh air Breezway, outside both studios (no AC in studios)

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Studio A Dance · 2306 Hyperion Avenue, Silver Lake, Los Angeles,CA 90027 · (323) 661-8311
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